Voyager Craft Malt wins gold

Voyager Craft Malt has won gold at the Malt Cup in the Pale Ale category, marking the first time a gold medal has been awarded to a maltser outside of the U.S.

Amongst the competition’s 58 entries, Voyager’s Veloria was one of three gold medal winners along with Rabbit Hill Malt and Wyoming Malting Company.

In a post on their Facebook page, the company thanked its growers for their contribution to the winning beer.

“Thanks to the Craft Maltsters Guild for all their support over our malting journey, and the biggest thanks of all to our growers, in particular Chris and Sam from Organically Greenwood who grew the parcel of Schooner barley that took out the top gong!”

Led by the Craft Maltsters Guild, the Malt Cup is a competition held in the U.S and aims to provide constructive feedback to entrants on the quality and flavour of their malt.

Now in its third year, the competition utilises extensive sensory evaluations to provide feedback with samples sent to industry professionals including maltsters, brewers, distillers, researchers, and Master Cicerones.

Recently, Voyager Craft Malt participated in the ABC’s Big Brew Challenge where chef Paul West explained the importance of local ingredients and providence.

“There’s a big difference between being an enthusiast and being someone who actually really knows what they’re doing. And the understanding of the exacting science of brewing, but not just that, also, its connection to agriculture,” he said.

“We explored that in the program through Voyager craft malt, and the work that they do, and the fact that its essence is as a kind of alcoholic refreshment, but it’s also an agricultural product, it starts first and foremost in the barley field. So I think that was nice to kind of paint the full picture of what beer is.”

Listen to the full Beer is a Conversation episode with Paul West below.


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