WABA launches "Drink West, Drink Best" campaign

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Boasting world-class beer, cider, spirits and more from some of the country’s most unique and iconic breweries, West Australian’s don’t need to look further afield to find a beer lover’s paradise. The State that pioneered the craft beer movement continues to pave the way in outstanding and unique beverages. A sentiment celebrated in the West Australian Brewers Association’s (WABA) new “Drink West, Drink Best” campaign and encouraging West Australian’s to think local when selecting their drink of choice.

Launched in August 2020, the ‘Drink West, Drink Best’ campaign will feature print and digital media but will focus primarily on grassroots support from its members, industry affiliates and the public to gain awareness.

A Drink West, Drink Best mixed carton featuring 16 West Australian breweries and cideries exclusive to BWS and Dan Murphy’s will land in stores on 12th August, launching the new campaign.

The Western Australian beer industry includes nearly 100 breweries, from inner-city brewpubs and regional icons to large production breweries, gypsy breweries and more. WABA’s Drink West, Drink Best campaign celebrates this diverse and fascinating family, which employs 10,000 West Australians, with a proud and inclusive spirit. By supporting WA Beer, West Australians can support a thriving local economy that celebrates local people and businesses and tastes great!

Drink West, Drink Best acknowledges and celebrates Western Australia’s historical contribution to the national beer industry, and its multifaceted modern diversity, something which all WA beer drinkers can embrace.

Drink West, Drink Best builds upon the national #keepinglocalalive campaign, and WABA encourages the use of both. WABA’s Drink West, Drink Best campaign is born from inclusivity, and promoting the WA beer industry.

West Australians are encouraged to support the campaign by using the hashtag #drinkwestdrinkbest on social media when drinking their favourite WA Beer whether at home, at the brewery or at a bar or restaurant around the State.

For more information, visit our campaign page or check us out on Facebook or Instagram.

You can listen to Andy Scade and Mike Morgan from WABA discuss Drink West. Drink Best. on the Radio Brews News podcast.

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