WA’s newest brewery celebrates regional heritage

The Whalebone Brewing Company team

Whalebone Brewing Company opened just four weeks ago in Exmouth, Western Australia, with a brand that celebrates the region’s history and provenance.

The name itself is an ode to Exmouth and the construction of the brewery was undertaken with historical considerations in mind, Whalebone co-founder Justin Fuery told Brews News.

He said the timbers used in the building are from the old navy pier at Exmouth, which has Whale Bone Island located nearby.

“We also get a lot of humpbacks [in the area],” Fuery said.

Whalebone will mainly wholesale its beers but it has a taproom that will be open to the public over the weekend, enabling Fuery and co-founder Paul Minniear to get direct feedback from the community.

“Myself and Paul both love beer. We want to share it around Exmouth, and do something we love,” he said.

He said the brewery’s house style will largely reflect Exmouth’s hot, dry climate, consisting of easy drinking, crisp and sessionable beers.

Whalebone is the second new brewing venture launched in Exmouth in a matter of months.

In June, Froth Craft began brewing its own beers, having traded as a restaurant since March 2017.

Brewery openings are presented by Spark Breweries and Distilleries, the finest in-venue and production brewing systems available, with local design and support.

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