Wayward adds mid-strength hazy pale to core range

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Wayward is celebrating this holiday season by launching a brand new beer into their core range. Say hello to HAZY MID, an easy drinking, hazy pale ale that packs a hoppy punch but weighs in at just 3.5% ABV.

Hazy Mid is a ripper backyard beer that’s perfect for the many summer sessions ahead. It’s refreshing, full of hops and full of flavour but low on alcohol — a great decision for all of those year-end celebrations and social(ly distanced) gatherings. It’ll keep you from getting too sloshed over Christmas lunch, too.

This is not your average mid-strength beer. Hazy Mid doesn’t compromise on flavour — the brew has big hop character and great pale ale taste, it just happens to be low ABV. Plus the hazy quality makes for a tastier, juicer beer.

That being said, Hazy Mid isn’t just for hop heads. At its core, it’s a super balanced, easy-drinking brew. You don’t need to be a craft beer drinker to love it.

Hazy Mid slots in nicely with Wayward’s core range Everyday Ale and IPA, giving punters another pale ale option that has all that flavour packed into a mid-strength beer.

You can grab tinnies of this sessionable brew in bottle shops and venues all across Australia as of Friday, 11 December. Keep an eye out for the stockist list, coming soon.
Head Brewer Shaun Blissett says:

“We’ve actually wanted to put a mid-strength pale ale in our core range for a long time. We’ve been slinging the Hazy Mid in kegs at the Wayward Taproom for most of 2020, and it’s a ripper of a beer, so we decided it was the perfect addition to our lineup.”

“This beer is going to be great for summer sessions. It’s refreshing, full of hops and full of flavour but low on alcohol — so it’s perfect for parties and will keep you from getting too sloshed in front of your family during Christmas lunch. As usual, there will be heaps of celebrations and gatherings happening over summer, and Hazy Mid is just a good decision for all of those sessions.”

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