Wayward adds mimosa flavour to seltzer range

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It’s been a huge couple of years for the seltzer industry, andW Seltzerhas been sharing in the success as one of the top seltzer brands in Australia. Launched by the folks atWayward Brewing Co.in 2020,WSeltzerhas successfully added new flavours to their range each year, but this year they’re taking things up a notch by introducing theirCocktail Series.

Say hello to Australia’s firstMimosa Hard Seltzer– the mimosa taste you know and love, without all the sugar – this summer’s perfect boozy brunch companion! When asked why the brew team chose to brew aMimosa Hard Seltzer– the answer was, why not?

The drink is naturally low in calories, sugar and carbs, but boasts a higher alcohol content than the rest of the W Seltzer range with a 6.0% ABV.

Widely regarded as one of the favourite seltzer brands in the country,W Seltzercontinue to grow their presence in bottle shops around Australia. The brewery will be launching theirMimosa Hard Seltzerin the usual haunts as a limited summer release, but admit that it could become a permanent fixture if it proves popular.

We’ve put a lot of work into this new cocktail range, from the recipe to the new packaging, and if it’s a hit we’ll continue to brew it through summer,” says Wayward Head BrewerShaun Blissett. “Perhaps it might even be joined by a friend or two,” the brewer hints.

Having been in the craft beer game for over seven years, Wayward are passionate about creating premium products, and the team are particularly proud of their brewed seltzer range.

We took just over a year to perfect the recipe of our hard seltzer, and each batch takes around two to three weeks to produce,” saysBlissett. In contrast, a batch of mixed seltzer using spirits and soda can be created in just an afternoon.

“With a brewed approach to seltzer, there are so many elements of the process you can refine; how much rice you add, what type of yeast you use, how long it ferments. It all builds to crafting the best possible product you can. With other blended seltzers, the ingredients are usually ethanol, water, fruit flavour and a sugar or sweetener – there’s not much you can do to improve or evolve the recipe.”

Carefully crafted with natural flavours,W Seltzer Mimosais bursting with orange flavours with a hint of Sauvignon Blanc, becoming the latest to join the ever popularW Seltzerrange.W Seltzer Mimosalaunches in bottle shops October 21.

W Seltzer is also available in the following flavours: Tropical Mango, Summer Berries, Juicy Peach, Watermelon, and Classic Lime.

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