Wayward Brewing Co. launches "Recession Ale"

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Wayward Brewing Recession Ale banner

In the face of a challenging economic climate and the ever-rising burden of taxes and raw-material costs, Wayward Brewing Co. stands unwavering in its commitment to deliver craft beer magic without draining wallets. Introducing “Recession Ale,” a quality pale ale that brings light fruity hop character and simple, clean malts to every recession session.

As Australia officially grapples with a recession, Wayward Brewing Co. has risen to the occasion by creating an affordable yet extraordinary craft beer experience that remains accessible to all. With skyrocketing costs impacting breweries nationwide, Peter Philip, the Managing Director of Wayward Brewing Co., voiced the difficulties faced by the industry, stating, “Our cost of goods has gone up nearly 25% in the last year alone, with taxes now making up over a third of the cost of that tinny of beer in your hand.”

Faced with this challenge, Wayward Brewing Co. is determined to make a difference by offering Recession Ale. This carefully crafted pale ale boasts maximum flavour without compromising on quality, all at a price that won’t break the bank. “We believe that during tough times, everyone should be able to have something special in their lives,” said Peter Philip. “That’s why we created Recession Ale, so everyone can still enjoy an amazing craft beer – without breaking the bank.”

Peter Philip proudly emphasises, “With Recession Ale, your wallet will stay full – even when you drain a tinny! We want to ensure that cash-flow restrictions don’t impact the brew-flow of our loyal customers, especially during these challenging times.”

With Recession Ale , Wayward Brewing Co has succeeded in producing a refreshing and gratifying pale ale experience that remains cost-effective in the face of massive cost escalation. “Unfortunately, taxes such as excise duty are now out-of-control with automatic increases every six months adding $0.20 to every can just this year alone”. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for small brewers to pass these costs increases on to consumers with everyone feeling the pinch.

Wayward Brewing Co. invites beer lovers across the nation to savour the magic of Recession Ale, where each sip is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the enduring spirit of independent breweries.

Recession Ale is available in all good bottle shops now.

About Wayward Brewing Co.

Wayward Brewing Co. is an independent brewery founded with a passion for crafting exceptional beers that push the boundaries of flavour and taste. Committed to innovation and community, the brewery has become a beacon for enthusiasts seeking genuine and affordable craft beer experiences.

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