Why buy when you can DIY?

From a media release.

Coopers Brewery has launched DIY Beer to tap into the growing interest of people in brewing their own beer.

The brewery has released a new-generation DIY Beer kit containing a new micro fermenter and accessories that it says will make it even easier for people to make their own beer.

The Marketing Manager Brewing Products for Coopers, Mr Scott Harris, said the new microfermenter addressed many of the common problems experienced by novice brewers.

“The new fermenter is injection moulded from clear plastic and has been designed so that it is much easier to clean and sterilise. It also has a rounded, conical base to capture sediment anddoes not require an airlock,” he said.

“We have also developed an easy to read plastic hydrometer specifically for measuring alcohol content of beer that replaces the fragile glass hydrometers provided previously.

“These developments will overcome the vast majority of problems that new brewers experience.”

Mr Harris said the new conical based fermenter had a floating collar and lid, which would enable vigorous brews to expand instead of bubbling through the airlock, while the clear plastic design meant people could see when fermentation was taking place rather than relying on the previous unreliable method of bubbling through the airlock.

“We have also incorporated a number of other advances which make it easier for people to produce their own beer simply with greater reliability and minimal cleaning,” he said.

“A new DVD ROM has been made to take people through the simple steps involved in brewing with their DIY Beer kits. It contains links to interesting sites, as well as tips and hints for new brewers.

“A new website, www.diybeer.com.au, has also been developed to assist new brewers.”

Mr Harris said the DIY market in general was growing strongly throughout the community and many DIYers were also enthusiastic about making their own beers.

“The use of modern brewing equipment and high quality ingredients means that good results are now virtually guaranteed if people follow the instructions,” he said.

The new DIY Beer kits are available at all Big W stores, or through the Coopers’ general store.

For more information, go to www.diybeer.com.au


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