Willie Simpson’s homage to a cherished beer

Forefathers 2016 now available

Forefathers 2016 now available

The Forefathers Doppelbock Lager brewed by Willie Simpson in collaboration with Stone & Wood was inspired by one of his favourite brews.

The Dopplebock is the second annual release under the Forefathers label, created by Stone & Wood to honour beer industry pioneers.

Simpson, the trailblazing beer writer, said he didn’t have to think too long before choosing a Dopplebock as his contribution to the series.

He told Radio Brews News that the beer was inspired by Burragorang Bock, a beer once brewed by Scharer’s Brewery in Picton, New South Wales.

“It was a beer that just might have tipped me into taking that road less travelled, writing about beer,” Simpson said.

“It was a wonderful strong, black, smooth, chocolatey lager.

“It’s not a style of beer that is in favour… And yet it should be, because there’s room for all these different classical styles of beer,” he said.

Willie Simpson and Brad Rogers on the brew day

Willie Simpson and Brad Rogers on the brew day

Brewed with rich malt flavour that hints of chocolate and dark fruits, Forefathers Dopplebock Lager has been lagered for six weeks to ensure a super smooth finish.

Willie Simpson and Stone & Wood’s Brad Rogers will be hosting a number of Meet the Brewer events in the coming weeks:

25 Aug Forefathers Launch Tassie New Sydney Hotel | Hobart
9 Sep Forefathers Launch Brisbane Brewski |Brisbane
10 Sep Forefathers Lunch Gilbert Hotel | Adelaide
10 Sep Forefathers Launch The Wheaty | Adelaide
12 Sep Forefathers Launch Victoria The Gertrude Hotel | Melbourne

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