Willie the Boatman introduces 'Inflation Buster'

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Beat the Price Hike with Willie the Boatman’s $5 ‘Inflation Buster’ Schooner Special

The last few years have been challenging for both Australian brewers and beer enthusiasts, with the latest increase in the CPI tax only adding to the already tight pinch.

Increasing by 7.8%, which is a higher than usual increase, the price of a schooner at your local is expected to soar to around $12. Currently, Australia has the fourth highest beer tax in the world, which not only affects consumers’ wallets but also threatens small breweries and local businesses.

As living costs rise and inflation increases, does enjoying a “cold one at your local” become a luxury?

There is a silver lining for beer drinkers in Sydney. Inner West craft brewery, Willie the Boatman, is taking it back to prices not seen since 2010 with their new $5 “Inflation Buster” special. For five bucks, you can now enjoy a refreshing schooner of Willie the Boatman’s iconic Marrickville Lager, Tempe Tim, or Andy Smash Pale Ale all day, every Wednesday.

Since opening back in 2012, Willie the Boatman has built a reputation for crafting unique and high-quality artisanal craft brews. Their dedication to the local community and affordability has always set them apart from competitors, and this latest offer is yet another example of their commitment.

“In these hard times, we understand the impact rising taxes and prices have on our customers. We believe everyone deserves a break, and we are doing our part to ensure that happens.” Pat McInnerney, Owner, Willie the Boatman Brewery.

So, head on down to Willie the Boatman and try out this amazing offer. Your taste buds (and wallet) will thank you.

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