"World first" kombucha and beer hybrid launched


The Bucha of Byron launches one of the world’s greatest drinking innovations: The Sneaky Bucha of Byron. Introducing not only a new drink but a whole new category that combines the goodness of kombucha with the greatness of beer.

Produced by the Kombucha Brewing Co. and in partnership with Stone & Wood, The Sneaky Bucha blends a range of beer styles with the Original Bucha of Byron kombucha to create a full-strength, lower carb beer (at least 25% lower carb than regular full-strength beers). It’s easy drinking and very sessionable with everything you like about kombucha mixed with everything you love about beer– reminiscent of a shandy taste but with a kombucha kick. At 4% ABV there’s one standard drink per can.

The Sneaky Bucha satisfies the growing consumer demand for low-calorie, high-quality products which can be enjoyed without the guilt. The Sneaky Bucha of Byron will complement The Bucha of Byron’s existing portfolio of brands, including the Dirty Bucha of Byron that blends premium spirits with kombucha.

Kombucha is the fastest-growing beverage category in the country. The Sneaky Bucha combines this growth trend with the popularity of craft beer in cans to reach consumers looking to discover and try new things, in doing so it’s created a whole new beverage category opportunity within the functional beverage space.

“There’s a lot of hype around alcoholic seltzers coming into this summer & the Sneaky Buchaappeals to the same unisex, health-conscious crowd being Lower Carb, but does it withsomething we know Aussie drinkers love – beer,” says co-founder Paul Tansley.

The Sneaky Bucha comes in 330ml cans in three beer styles: XPA, Lager and Summer. The XPA for the craftier in-the-know beer drinkers, a more mainstream easy-drinking Lager and a refreshing Summer wheat beer.

“People are looking for products that they can enjoy and also feel a little better about themselves, so we’re really excited to bring the Sneaky Bucha of Byron to Aussie drinkers. With lower carbs we think of it as a little win in a tin,” adds co-founder Cam MacFarlane.

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