Yakima Chief Hops releases Cryo Pop™ Original Blend


Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), a grower owned global hop supplier, is yet again taking aromatic beers to a new level with their latest product launch – Cryo Pop™ Original Blend.

Celebrating four years since the release of their advanced product line, Cryo Hops®, this hop blend uses groundbreaking research to solve the common brewing problem of how to carry raw hop aroma into finished beers.

In 2017, YCH launched a line of innovative hop products known as Cryo Hops® using a cryogenic hopprocessing technology that separates whole cones into two components—concentrated lupulin and bract.

These concentrated lupulin pellets provide brewers with maximum aroma impact while reducing the negative effects experienced with brewing hoppy beers. The Cryo Hops® brand has since been recognized on beer labels worldwide.

YCH has combined this novel process with cutting-edge hop lab analysis techniques to create Cryo Pop™ Original Blend, formerly known as trial blend TRI 2304CR.

The YCH R&D facility houses one of the only labs in the world with the capability to analyze hops via GCQTOF and GC-SCD technology and study previously undetectable aromatic components.

The data is utilized to engineer a hop pellet that contains high concentrations of the most beersoluble compounds, or compounds that survive the brewing process.

The result is a supercharged pellet that provides brewers with a dynamic solution for juicy, fruit-forward, highly aromatic applications, showing massive tropical, stone fruit, and citrus aromas.

Global hop supplier Yakima Chief Hops has officially launched their newest product – Cryo Pop™ Original Blend. Using cutting-edge lab analysis, they have engineered a supercharged hop pellet blend of beer soluble compounds to carry true hop aromas into finished beers. Visit cryopopblend.com for info.

“The research behind Cryo Pop is revolutionary,” said Spencer Tielkemeier, YCH’s East Division Sales Lead and a member of the Brewing Innovations team. “It helps brewers harness a practical
understanding of how beer-soluble compounds make an impact in the finished product.”

Cryo Pop™ will be available to Australian and New Zealand brewers very soon so please contact your local Cryer Malt Sales Manager for further information on pricing and availability.

Visit cryopopblend.com for more information.

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