Young Henrys exits WA brewery

The West Australian brewery currently known as Young Henrys Beer Farm is to become a completely separate entity.

Young Henrys today announced the WA brewery will be rebranded as simply The Beer Farm following an ownership restructure.

“Young Henrys was founded with a few shareholders and one of them was Ian Atkins,” co-founder Richard Adamson told Australian Brews News.

“The brewery was on his property. We’ve made the decision to part ways and really the cleanest way of doing that meant that he would take the WA operation because it was on his land.”

Adamson declined to elaborate on the reasons for the split, which comes just a few weeks after the brewer announced it had postponeda plan to open a brewery in Adelaide.

He confirmed that The Beer Farm will still produce the Young Henrys range of canned beers for the foreseeable future, while it develops its own range of beers.

“There’s no deadline on when WA will stop doing our stuff. They’ll need to do it to run a business anyway,” he said.

“But the reality is in terms of cans, we’re finding ourselves short a fair bit.”

To keep up with demand, Young Henrys will be further contracting the production of cans at Icon Brewing in Sydney while it looks towards building capacity to produce the required volumes.

“We’ll slide some more tanks in. I don’t know where exactly we’re going to put them, but we’ll find a way,” Adamson said.

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