15HL Brewhouse and Canning Line for sale

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Upgrading or starting your own craft brewery? Look no further than our complete turnkey brewery to get up and running fast with multiple award winning brewhouse and canning line!

Equipped with all the necessary features and more, this system is perfect for turning passion into profession. We’ve pumped out over 25+ different styles of beer including award winning Lagers, Stouts, Ales, Hazys and more using this system and now it’s time to upgrade as we’ve outgrown our existing production capacity.

The sale includes:


  • Set up for 375 ml cans and Orora super ends
  • Cask v2 Depalletiser
  • Twist rinse
  • 3 head purge
  • 3 head fill
  • Variable speed indexer
  • Pack Leader ELF 50 labeller
  • Cask rotary outfeed collection table

Plenty of added upgrades and features makes this the best it can possibly be to run smooth and efficient at speeds up to 25 cans per minute.


  • Mash/ lauter with grist hydrator and grist case
  • Kettle / whirlpool
  • 20m2 single stage heat exchanger with hop filter
  • 35hl hot liquor tank
  • 35hl cold liquor tank
  • 2 x 15hl Spark Uni tank fermenters
  • 1 x 15hl Spark Brite tank

The ultimate turnkey solution for starting or upgrading a commercial brewery.

AVAILABLE: 1st June 2023.

CONTACT: Trent on 0477451770 or email office@sanctus.com.au for further information.


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