3 Ravens secures $200,000 grant

Melbourne’s 3 Ravens Brewery has secured a $200,000 grant from the Victorian state government to invest in sustainable systems for its brewery.

It is the latest to receive a state government grant after fellow Melbourne brewer Kaiju was able to secure funding to buy its canning line.

3 Ravens will use its grant to invest in “thermodynamic cycle technology” which it says will use heating and cooling methods within the brewing process.

3 Ravens general manager told Brews News that following their funding from the Sustainable Australia Fund earlier this year, they wanted to continue to upgrade and modernise the brewery to implement a single-cycle CO2 chiller.

The CO2 Heat Recovery Chiller is used to remove waste heat from the chilling operation, raising the temperature of water stored in a thermal vessel that is then used to brew with.

“It also pumps thermal energy from glycol, cooling the glycol down and can also be switched to chiller only mode where heat is more efficiently rejected using an adiabatic gas cooler,” he explained.

“In essence, a large part of the brewing process is effectively carried out entirely by renewable energy and for free.

“We will also be utilising this technology to power our new climate-controlled barrel room, cool room and freezer, as well as providing a sustainable heating and cooling solution for our bar and coworking space.”

The brewery says it will reduce its carbon footprint, minimising waste and improving efficiency.

“The project will serve to showcase to other breweries and small-scale craft producers the benefits of adopting sustainable technologies to reduce their carbon footprint, while also raising the profile of Victoria’s artisanal sector,” Liascos said.

These upgrades, allowed with stream two funding from the Small Scale and Craft Program will allow 3 Ravens to employ more staff and pursue export opportunities according to a media release from local MP Kat Theophanous.

She said that the inner north is home to “incredible” independent brewers such as 3 Ravens.

“This grant will create local jobs, innovate new technology and showcase our local product on the world stage,” she said.


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