Love Actually returns for gluten-free beer drinkers

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Dedicated Gluten Free brewery TWØBAYS Brewing Co has released the first three mini-films in its Gluten Free Love Story series. The series charts the journey of individuals who have had to change their lifestyles to avoid gluten – representing more than 2 million Australians – many of whom have had their craft beer-loving hearts broken along the way.


TWØBAYS Gluten Free Love Story | Meet Jess!

TWØBAYS Gluten Free Love Story | Meet Richard!

TWØBAYS Gluten Free Love Story | Meet Baz!

The mini-series conveys the exclusion felt by Australians with gluten intolerances, and the daily struggle just to feel ‘normal’. To be able to order food without interrogating staff; go to a barbecue without a separate esky for personal consumption only; to be able walk up to a bar and order a pint; these are things that gluten free consumers are craving.

Hospitality venues across the country are recognising the importance of catering for their gluten free customers, with kitchens such as The Duke of Brunswick in Adelaide converting to a dedicated gluten free food menu, and Harts Pub in Sydney continuously rolling a TWØBAYS beer on keg.

“It’s all about being the same,” says Baz, who tells his story about what it means to be able to get a round of beers in again.

“It was so frustrating to walk into a pub and have to continually be told “sorry we don’t have Gluten Free beer, would you like a cider?” I hate cider. To actually enjoy having a beer with your mates is what it’s all about. It’s the Australian way! TWØBAYS has made it possible for me to be normal and enjoy my time with mates. More pubs, bars and clubs need to join the gluten free revolution, because now thanks to TWØBAYS there is no excuse!”

Whether it’s a love for sharing beer in a moment with mates, with family or just with immersing oneself in the experience of craft beer itself, the TWØBAYS Love Story series captures the feeling everybody fears – of missing out on the most special of occasions in life.

“Discovering TWØBAYS means that I am able to enjoy a long-standing tradition with my Dad once again,” says Jess, who tells her own story in the series.

“Sharing a Christmas beer was something my Dad and I looked forward to. In the midst of a chaotic day, we could take half an hour and enjoy a beer together. This experience was taken away from me when I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.”

“It’s about feeling normal again,” Jess added

“We want people to feel included,” says TWØBAYS Founder Richard Jeffares – also a Coeliac – who plays his part in the third Love Story.

“We don’t want people to have to experience those sad feelings of missing out of life’s great moments. It’s not fair that people should be treated differently just because of a condition that can’t be helped – especially when there is a simple solution!

This Gluten Free Love Story series lets people know that there is still great beer out there they can safely explore. We think a lot of people who avoid gluten will relate to one of the lead characters in each story.”

“The first thing I did when I was diagnosed was to call my wife and tell her that my life was over because I could no longer drink beer,” recounts Jeffares.

“Then I went to the US and experienced the amazing gluten free craft beer scene. I’d had enough of drinking cider, so I decided to start Australia’s first dedicated gluten free brewery and taproom.”

TWØBAYS Brewing Co is now two years old and growing fast. Its core range Pale Ale just received the brewery’s first gold medal at the 2020 Independent Brewers Association Beer Awards (the Indies), and is ranged in fridges and on taps across the country.

But it’s not just about the Pale Ale; TWØBAYS XPA was awarded a silver medal and its IPA awarded a bronze medal, with seven speciality beers released to date and another coming in January. The brewery is claiming milestone after milestone, with a world-first gluten free XPA released in cans, and Australian gluten free ‘firsts’ with the release of a Red Ale (Red Rocks), Sour (Pulp Fusion Passionfruit Sour), and the first gluten free beer to feature Eclipse® hops (S.M.A.S.H.) in November.

And the adventure is not about to slow down. A Raspberry Berliner Weisse and a Buckwit (closest to a Witbier in style, but brewed with buckwheat) are next on tap at the dedicated gluten free taproom, which is under the same roof as the brewery.

Visitors to Mornington Peninsula’s dedicated gluten free hotspot will be treated to a feast of gluten free pizza, with up to nine beers to taste and plenty of stainless steel to gaze lovingly at – particularly for those who have experienced the heartbreak of not being able to taste great beer.

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