500Ltr (5HL) Microbrewery, Complete, Turnkey

500Ltr (5HL) Microbrewery, Complete, Turnkey For Sale

This electric 3-phase brewery is now available for sale and relocation from Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Great opportunity as owner/brewer is available for comment and assistance with the set-up.

Terms and Conditions

  • Plant & Equipment is offered on an “as is where is” basis only.
  • No warranties or guarantees are offered.
  • Sale & Purchase Agreement applies.
  • Packing, loading and freight is at the Purchaser’s expense.
  • Onsite inspections welcome by appointment.


  • 1 x Mash tun – 500L.
  • 1 x Kettle and HLT in one – Kettle: 650L, HLT: 550L.
  • 1 x CLT and Glycol tank in one – CLT: 900L Glycol: 600L.
  • 1 x 1400L BBT (could be used as unitank ).
  • 6 x 550L Fermenters (could be used as unitank).
  • 1 x 400L Waste tank.
  • 1 x efficient Heat Exchanger.
  • Keg washer(1 at a time)/cleaning tub with pump.
  • 1 x 15A Grain Mill and extraction fan.
  • Pallet Jack.
  • 1 x Heat Exchanger box Glycol cooling.
  • 2 x Control Boxes (control FV temperature, pumps, control elements in the Kettle and HLT).
  • 5 x pumps to run the brewery. 3 for wort/water transfer. 2 for the glycol ring loop.
  • All the stainless pipework for the brewery.
  • Flexible hoses.
  • Most of the Duopecs pipework and insulation for the glycol ring loop.
  • 900L of Glycol/water mix taken from the Glycol tank and Glycol ring loop.
  • Power cables from Kettle to the Power box.
  • Cables from Power box to Fermenters for the temp probes and solenoids.
  • Electrical cable conduits.
  • Cable Trays.
  • Custom designed fence around the Brewery including two gates.
  • Missing a compressor and the pipework for cooling the glycol.
  • 20 draft kegs.
  • 3 Steel racks for storing grain, kegs or barrels.
  • 20 x 50L stainless kegs with D type fitting.
  • Keg trolley.
  • Miscellaneous items including couplers, spare parts, fittings etc.

Price: $50K + GST
Location: Sunshine Coast
Contact: Adam
Phone: 0419 008 142
Email: adamtomlinson2013@gmail.com


Designed by Chuck Hahn.

This plant & equipment has previously won Australian awards including twice Australia’s best Small Brewery.

The brewery has recently been dismantled and stored ready for loading & relocation.

Please direct all enquiries to Adam by email or phone.

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