Barrett Burston and Cryer Malt launch Australian Extra Pale Malt

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Barrett Burston Malting and Cryer Malt recently launched a new product: Australian Extra Pale Malt.

Barrett Burston has been delivering premium malted barley to customers for more than 150 years and source their top-grade barley from farms across the country, proudly supporting farmers who are passionate about growing premium product.

To further serve the growing brewing and distilling industries and expand in the region, Barrett Burston acquired Cryer Malt in 2017 as a distribution partner. Cryer Malt has been a driving force in supplying the best brewing and distilling ingredients throughout Australia and New Zealand for over three decades.

Barrett Burston Malting and Cryer Malt are both part of the United Malt family of brands, a group of international maltsters with a shared vision of being the world’s best partners in craft.

The release of Australian Extra Pale Malt is an exciting portfolio addition for Barrett Burston Malting and Cryer Malt. Their new Australian Extra Pale Malt is an Australian-grown and produced, premium malt. Of the malts offered in their portfolio, this new malt is of the lightest colour with the colour range being from 2.5-3.5 EBC.

Australian Extra Pale Malt is the quintessential Australian barley malt. Produced exclusively using Australian two-row barley, this malt will impart a very light, golden colour in beers and spirits. It’s clean, with a gentle malty flavour and can be used to brew a variety of beer styles.

Steph Howard, National Sales Manager for Cryer Malt said, “We are immensely proud of our Australian Extra Pale Malt and what it represents for our portfolio. A premium locally produced light coloured product that will add a unique local character to the beers produced with it.”

To try this exciting new product, contact us at or contact your local Cryer Malt sales representative.

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