Batch launches limited edition American Pale Ale

Batch Brewing’s special edition American Pale Ale

Batch Brewing has today marked its 1000th batch with a special version of its flagship American Pale Ale.

The APA is usually a single hop beer, using only American Cascade. This special one-off batch instead features Australian Cascade and Vic Secret hops together with 100 per cent Voyager Craft Malt from NSW.

“This batch of American Pale Ale is living up to the American Pale Ale style but it’s speaking to the evolution of our business which includes new suppliers, new raw materials, new brewing techniques. It’s really pulling those things together to show how far we’ve come,” said Batch co-founder Chris Sidwa.

The special edition APA is packaged in a can with a gold coloured lid and has a ‘1000th batch’ trophy graphic on the label.

The APA is Batch’s biggest seller yet it commands only 25 per cent of volume for the brewery, highlighting the founders’ dedication to continually producing new and different beers.

“We ran some numbers a little while ago and we were putting out on average a new beer every ten days,” Batch co-founder Andrew Fineran told Brews News.

“That’s probably backed off a little bit. We’re still putting out plenty of brand new beers but we’ve also started doing more re-releases – we realised that we’d put out some beers that people really loved and wanted to see again.”

Currently out on the re-release schedule is Double Rainbow, a ‘double XPA’. It will soon be followed by Juicy As Phuck, an NEIPA making its debut in cans.

The return of Big Kahuna, an extremely popular coconut brown ale, is also on the cards.

“People will go nuts when the The Big Kahuna comes back out again in a couple of weeks. It’s kinda nice keeping it like that, if we had it available all year round it loses a little bit of its magic,” Fineran said.

Rounding out Batch’s permanent range are the West Coast IPA, Pash The Magic Dragon (a fruited sour ale), Elsie The Milk Stout and Just Beer.

“We’ve got these other core range products that are really playing their role and adding to the volume, but none of them can match APA,” said Fineran.

“We’re packing APA every single week while the others might be once every fortnight or so.”

The limited edition APA is being packaged at the brewery on Wednesday May 23. Additional stocks are already allocated to selected retailers.


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