Beer is a Conversation: Jasper Cuppaidge

This week in Beer is a Conversation Matt chats with the founder of Camden Town Brewery, Jasper Cuppaidge.

Jasper Cuppaidge with Matt Kirkegaard

Jasper is originally from Brisbane and found himself stranded in London during a round-the-world trip twenty-odd years ago.

After taking up work in a pub in London and subsequently home brewing out of its basement, Jasper eventually acquired the venue before using it as leverage to assist with his dream brewery, Camden Town.

Camden Town Brewery was bought by AB-InBev last year for a phenomenal £85m, with Jasper staying on and continuing to run the Camden Town Brewery, which this month launched its new production facility.

Jasper caught up with Matt on his recent visit to the UK and discussed all things Camden Town, reflecting on how the brewery is able to maintain its integrity around the philosophical and political definitions of independence and ‘craft’.

Interview recorded in London, 21 June 2017.


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