Black Dog switches to cans

Black Dog Howling Pale Ale

Black Dog Howling Pale Ale

High Country, Victoria brewer Black Dog reports an uptick in demand for its beers after they were converted from bottles into cans.

Black Dog founder James Booth told Australian Brews News that an urgent need to replace his small bottling line led him to investigate canning as an alternative.

“For me there were a lot of reasons, no light going into the beer was a big tick for me extend shelf life. Sustainability was a big factor – [cans are] easier to recycle,” he said.

“I also thought it suited my branding, and would give it a fresh look on the shelves and fridges.”

Now available in cans are Black Dog’s core beers Howling Pale, Drifter Lager and Dead Dog Stout, as well as its Hell Hound India Black Ale.

The Junkyard Dog DIPA, Blood Hound Lager and Aussie Terrier Session Ale are all set to follow.

“I’ve already had a lot of people calling in and grabbing cans going up to the snow and camping, as they crush down and are easier to carry out,” he said.

Booth opted for an American Beer Equipment (ABE) canning system, which he said has the ability to be expanded from its current rate of 900 cans an hour to 3600.

“I have a few venues that still want bottles at this stage, so will do a small run to keep supplies to them, but everything else will be cans apart from a few limited releases,” he said.

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