Brewers Association steps up independence campaign

More than half of America’s craft brewers, representing more than 75 per cent of craft beer volume, have adopted the Brewers Association’s independence seal.

Research demonstrates tremendous confusion about which American beer brands are truly independent, Brewers Association CEO Bob Pease told the Craft Brewers Conference.

“The adoption of the BA’s Independent Craft Brewer Seal is a critical step of small and independent craft brewer unity as well as a clear line differentiating us from the multinational Big Beer conglomerates that seek to blur the lines of independence and confuse the beer drinker,” he said.

“Adopting this seal tells your customers and would-be customers that your business aligns with their values – like making your own damn independent choices without less-than-transparent information.

“Your brand aligns with their values. Show them, by adopting the small and independent craft brewer seal.

“This is more than a call for doing what’s right for the greater good. We know who we are. But not all beer lovers do. Many beer drinkers – even those whom we would describe as “core craft” beer lovers – don’t have a clear sense at all of who owns who.

The Brewers Association’s independence seal at the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville

“Simply put, many beer drinkers think that many truly independent craft breweries like yours are not independently owned.

“That’s why the Independent Craft Brewer Seal carries real weight. And, that’s why more than 3,250 breweries have adopted the seal.

“Adoption though is not enough. If you package your beer, please think long and hard about adding the seal to your packaging.

“If you don’t package your beer and operate a brewpub or tasting room think about adding the seal to your menu, to your website, to your business entrance and to the tap handles and more.

“This is a critical story to tell – a story the beer drinker wants to hear – and there is no one better to tell it than you!”

In Australia, the Independent Brewers Association will launch its own independence seal on Wednesday May 9.

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