Brick Lane announces partnership with Queen Victoria Night Market

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Melbourne’s new independent brewery, Brick Lane Brewing Co, has been appointed as theexclusive beer supplier for the Night Market at Queen Victoria Market. But in a twist, theywill be offering other local craft brewers the opportunity to showcase their own brews at theiconic market.

Brick Lane’s Head Brewer Jon Seltin with founders Andrew Scrimgeour and Paul Bowker

“We created this business to support a community of craft brewers building a real andsustainable presence in Melbourne,” said Paul Bowker, Managing Director at Brick LaneBrewing Co.

“We’re opening up our new world-class brewery in Dandenong to other craft brewers and wethought it was a great idea to showcase to the public the innovation in brewing and thediversity of beers by opening up the Queen Victoria Market opportunity with them too,” saidMr Bowker.

“The Queen Victoria Market is a Melbourne institution that, quite rightly, the communityfeels a huge amount of ownership over,” said Queen Victoria Market CEO, Stan Liacos.

“Brick Lane Brewing Co. presented us with a concept that was completely aligned with ourethos of supporting relatively small and independent Melbourne-based businesses. We lovethe idea that they are a Melbourne bred brewery and are also willing to share their spacewith other craft brewers for the benefit of the whole community.”

Thousands of people flock to the Queen Victoria Night Market each Wednesday during theWinter and Summer Night Market seasons and Brick Lane Brewing’s concept includescreating separate bar zones and fun ways to help people experience a variety of craft brews.

As well as hosting guest brewers, Brick Lane Brewing’s own beers will showcase seasonal andone-off varieties alongside their core range.

Brick Lane Brewing Co. began when a group of friends from completely differentbackgrounds were discussing their passion for craft beer. As fans they wanted to create theirown brews, but they wanted to do it properly. They wanted the opportunity to create smallruns of seasonal and experimental brews, as well as helping to make craft beer moreaccessible to the wider community. The discussion widened and before long, Brick LaneBrewing Co. was created. Crucially, one of Australia’s most respected brewers, Jon Seltin,jumped over to Brick Lane and bought into the concept as a founder of the brewery.

With some solid investment, the group has built a brewery in suburban Dandenong whichbrings globally leading state-of-the-art equipment and processes for a brewery of this size to
the craft beer market.

The Winter Night Market returns to the iconic Queen Victoria Market every Wednesday from6 June to 29 August from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. For more information.

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