Brick Lane releases NoLo research

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New research released today byBrick Lane Brewing, one of Australia’s largest independent brewers, has highlighted the popularity of no-and-low-alcohol (NoLo) drinks, particularly amongst younger Australians and those who exercise regularly or want to improve their health.

The research revealed that almost half of Australians (45 per cent) already consume NoLo drinks occasionally or regularly, while a third (32 per cent) report the same for NoLo beer. In addition, Australians expect their consumption of NoLo drinks to increase: 60 per cent say this will happen somewhat, with 18 per cent citing it will increase a lot, while 14 per cent of Australians who are yet to try NoLo drinks say they would be keen to.

Brick Lane’s research also dispels the perception that social pressures act as a barrier to trying NoLo drinks. According to the survey, fewer than one in 10 (8 per cent) people believe there is a stigma attached to consuming NoLo beverages. Crucially for drinks makers, the biggest barrier to adoption is actually taste, with 36 per cent of Australians saying this prevents them from considering NoLo drinks.

Younger drinkers put their aspirations and healthy lifestyles first

The research shows that, while current and anticipated adoption of NoLo drinks is increasing across a range of demographic groups, young people and those who exercise regularly are the keenest consumers. 71 per cent of 18-34-year-olds think their NoLo consumption will go up a lot or a little, while 68 per cent of this age group would encourage friends and family to drink NoLo beverages.

NoLo adoption also correlates strongly to healthier lifestyles. 30 per cent of people surveyed said their reason for adopting NoLo products was to be healthier, while 63 per cent of people who exercise four or more times a week said they would encourage friends and family to drink NoLo beverages. 46 per cent of these fitness enthusiasts also say they are already seeing more NoLo drinking in their social circles.

63 per cent of those who say they highly enjoy their lives think that their NoLo consumption will go up a little or a lot in future, while 80 per cent of current NoLo drinkers agree. However, just seven per cent of Australians say they intend to go fully teetotal.

Brick Lane CEO & Co-Founder, Paul Bowkersaid:“It’s clear that NoLo alcohol is no longer a curio or peripheral category but one which is being embraced across a broad cross-section of demographic groups. In particular, younger Australians and those who want a healthier lifestyle are embracing NoLo drinks as a way to have the best of both worlds. There are now a raft of options, such as our Sidewinder Beer range, that now provide the taste and refreshment that consumers are after, while at the same time delivering it in a no alcohol package that can be consumed across a wider variety of occasions.

“The NoLo category is already growing rapidly and as younger people grow older and become even more influential as a consumer group, we anticipate growth will continue to be exponential. We see no reason why NoLo cannot soon capture 10 per cent of the Australian market.”

A lifestyle enabler

The research found that Australians would consider drinking NoLo beverages in a variety of environments. Dining out at a restaurant was the most popular social setting (42 per cent) and this rose to 50 per cent for the 50-64 age group. At work functions (41 per cent) and at a friend’s house (35 per cent) were also popular reasons. There is no wonder then that being able to drive home from a night out was the most popular reason for continued use (42 percent). This rationale was higher among men (49 per cent) than women (34 per cent), and also for 50-64 year olds (47 percent). 34 per cent of Aussies also said their favourite place to drink NoLo would be at home.

The survey also showed that consumers want NoLo drinks to be more accessible, with 55 per cent saying they would like to see more pubs and retailers stock NoLo beverages. This rises to 64 per cent for those aged 18-34, while 38 per cent said there was not currently enough choice in purchasing NoLo beverages.

Paul Bowker added“Let’s face it, NoLo drinks have historically been limited to relatively bland taste profiles. But over the past 18 months, we’ve seen the quality, flavour and depth of NoLo products improve significantly, thanks to new brewing techniques that companies like Brick Lane have pioneered with its Sidewinder Beers.

“With taste remaining a key barrier to adoption, the future category winners are going to be those who are first to deliver great tasting NoLo products. The growth trajectory has been opened up by a number of innovative retailers from specialists such as Blackhearts & Sparrows through to significant investments being made by the majors such as Dan Murphy’s.”

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