Capital Brewing Launches Good Natured Community Initiative

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Capital Brewing Co has officially launched Good Natured Community today, an initiative aimed at helping the community raise much needed funds.

$70,000 worth of beer and brewery experiences will be made available to community groups every year including brewery tours, cases of beer, and ‘karma kegs’.

“We expect the community will be able to raise well in excess of $150,000 annually on the back of our donations” said Capital’s Community Engagement Manager Dan Watters.

The company announced the initiative in response to Treasurer Scott Morrison’s beer excise tax cuts in this year’s budget.

“We crunched the numbers” said Watters. “We could have made our beers $0.02 cheaper, or use the cuts to do something great for our community. It was a no-brainer really.”

Since opening its Brewery and Taproom in September last year Capital has already supported more than 60 organisations working in fields such as cancer research, foster care, and women’s refuge. The establishment of the new initiative will build on this work and cement Capital as a brewery for the people.

“We’re grateful for both the support of our local community and the fabulous work they do” said Watters. “The best way we can support them is to maximise their ability to raise critical funds for their own organisations.”

In a show of good faith, the brewery has launched Good Natured Community a full year before the tax cuts come into effect on 1 July 2019.

More information on the initiative, including how to apply, can be found on Capital’s website at

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