Cheers to "Us"

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By “us”, we want to talk about the community we’re a part of, especially the drinks producers, bars, restaurants, and drinkers across Australia and New Zealand that we support.

The past two years have posed a multitude of challenges and lost opportunities for our community. The opportunities to meet with friends and make new ones at a local bar. The inability for small, local businesses to serve their loyal customers. The loss of the chance to meet with our industry partners, and talk about ways to grow together, over a few pints.

Through this period, we’ve reflected on the fact that in every industry there will be competition, and differences of opinion. But the leaders in great industries stay committed to trying to find and stand on common ground. It’s hard to do but important to try, and it’s possible for “us” because great beverages have the ability to bring people together.

For Kegstar, we will continue to step up. That means we will continue to evolve, and focus on what’s most important. That means being a trusted supply partner, delivering the quality kegs our customers need, when they need them, as efficiently as possible. It also means unlocking the potential that comes from collaboration.

With Kegstar, brewers share kegs rather than owning their own thereby dramatically reducing the distance empty kegs travel. Because we invented and continue to perfect this model, we and our parent company, MicroStar Logistics, will enable our global customers to eliminate freight-related greenhouse gas emissions by over 6 million kg of CO2e next year. Further, the reusable, shareable, long-life-span kegs we provide have helped our customers eliminate billions of one-way cans and bottles from waste and recycling streams across the world. These are results to celebrate, and build on.

We’re proud to support the beverage & hospitality industries, because we’re committed to the idea that we are better together.

If you want to get to know us better, we’d love to get a drink with you.

Give us a shout at and let’s chat.

Cheers to “Us”

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