Coconspirators Brewing Co. invests in rebrand

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The brainchild of two couples – Jacqui Sacco, Tim Martin, Maggie and Deon Smit, Coconspirators Brewing Company started off as a hobby, but quickly became an obsession.

CoConspirators Brewing Company are excited to announce the redesign of their company logo. The independent brewery owners have decided to change the company logo as it best suits the current design of the Coconspirators family of characters such as The Matriarch, The Beancounter and The Butcher. The new company logo has been designed to bring Coconspirators into their next phase of their expansion, with the new logo to coincide with the brewery’s new 195-seater brewpub, to be built in Brunswick, Victoria. The brewpub is currently scheduled to open in 2021.

Designer Mr. Clinton Weaver from Pocketbeagles states that the beauty of the Coconspirators brand is that with each new release, the brand an family of characters grows stronger and more intertwined. In resisting the logo, I wanted to express this sense of familial connection and the bond shared by the characters. Much like the bond people form over a few beers. The X figure in the middle represents the four owners of the brewery coming together; together to the place where X marks the spot, towards the mystery of the unknown represented by X, always encompassed by the conspiracy!

Coconspirators Brewing Company will also be launching a new website and merchandise range that also will be available from the 14th October.

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