Contract brewing opportunities at CBCo Brewing

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CBCo Brewing, a state-of-the-art brewery, is now offering contract brewing capabilities to businesses looking to expand their production capacity. With a team of experienced professionals, the brewery has a well-established reputation for producing high-quality beer. Utilising their excess production capacity, other businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of CBCo Brewing’s resources and expertise to expand their offerings without the need for significant investments in equipment or personnel. The brewery’s recently completed upgrades provide the capability to brew large volumes, equipped with advanced technology such as a 50hL BrauKon brewhouse, a cellar built for 100-200hL batches, and a Krones can filler. 

  • 50hL BrauKon brewhouse
    – Fine control on mash profiles
    – 16OP wort with ease
    – Large hop charge capabilities
  • Cellar built for 100-200hL batches
    – Yeast propagation
    – Alfa Laval centrifuge & de-aerated liquor
    – Flash pasteuriser
  • Krones can filler, set up for;
    – 375mL cans using Orora ends
    – 4 & 6 pk Paktech clips w/ sticker applicator
    – 24 pk wrap around boxes

The team is able to brew a wide range of beer styles and work closely with clients to develop recipes and products to meet specific needs. CBCo Brewing is dedicated to providing excellent service and is committed to helping its partners grow their business alongside their own.

 Interested parties can reach out to for further information on contract brewing.

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