East 9th launches new ginger beer flavour

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Lick Pier, the world’s tastiest ginger beer, has a new flavour. Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer was supposed to be released last summer, but, COVID. Now, the release has been planned to coincide with our colder months, and the notion that this drink will take your body and mind on that tropical holiday you can’t have right now, because, COVID.

The can reads: ‘Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer… sit back and savour this delicious holiday with our choice blend of tropical fruit flavours added to the ginger spice that Lick Pier is known for.’ Stephen Wools of East 9th Brewing says, “We created this recipe by starting with the Lick Pier proprietary blend of ginger and worked hard to find complementary fruit flavours. We ended up arriving at this tropical destination, by balancing the ginger warmth with the natural fruit flavours of pineapple and passionfruit…”

“And a real tropical destination is what you could win too with the Lick Pier Beach Towel Challenge,” Benjamin Cairns of East 9th Brewing adds. To help Australians feel that vacay vibe, we are sending out a free can of Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer to punters that have tagged us in a pic or vid of themselves on a beach towel wherever they can during heavily restricted times. We’ve already had a few cheeky early entries from a carpark rooftop, on the pavement out the front of their house and in a supermarket aisle! These have certainly set the tone! At the end of the campaign, we will randomly pick a winner to receive two return tickets to Bali (as soon as tropical holidaying is a possibility!)”

“We created ‘The Beach Towel Challenge’ because we know so many Melbournians and their families who are devastated that they can’t leave on that holiday they have been desperately in need of for their mental health,” says Josh Lefers, Co-owner of East 9th Brewing. “We decided to connect everyone together as a community around the idea of the best tropical vacation you can have with only a beach towel and a touch of the ridiculous. With people nominating each other, it will highlight that we are all in this together. And that too was the idea behind a prize of a trip to Bali. It was about seeing there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel. We will get out of lockdown. We will get to travel again. And until then, all you need is a beach towel and a swimsuit!”

Over ten years after it’s initial release, the Lick Pier brand is as strong as ever. As the Ginger Beer category continues to gain momentum, Lick Pier (Original) Ginger Beer holds its place as Australia’s indy favourite. With a best in show taste profile, the brand stretches demographic divides and is at home in the hands of anyone, or in the fridge of anywhere.

Now, as the ‘near-beer’ category widens, so is the Lick Pier range. With the recent influx of Seltzer brands hitting fridges, we felt the time was right to accelerate the Lick Pier brand. We have a strong NPD pipeline that delivers the industry and consumers something truly unique.

Ask for Lick Pier. The World’s Tastiest Ginger Beer.

Lick Pier Tropical Ginger Beer is Gluten Free and is available in cans and kegs via all good liquor wholesalers and retailers. During lock-down times, it’s available online at Dan Murphys, link here.

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