Enjoy more this July with Australia's lowest calorie non-alc beer Nort

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In 2023, over 400,000 individuals have expressed a desire to embrace a more sober-curious lifestyle.

This growing trend reflects a shift in societal attitudes towards alcohol consumption, with more people opting to explore alternatives in order to make mindful choices regarding their personal health and wellbeing.

According to recent research from Finder.com, consumption of no-to-low (NOLO) beverages are on the rise – with many venues and bottle shops now offering a wide selection of non-alcoholic alternatives to suit this growing curiosity.

The increasing popularity of the sober-curious movement highlights the importance of providing diverse non-alcoholic options and wider education and support for those seeking to lead a balanced or alcohol-free lifestyle.

Over the past several years the NOLO category has grown exponentially in Australia, with 30% of beer sales being within this category. So, with many great non-alcoholic beers on the market, it can be hard to know where to start!

Whether you start this July or are looking to explore non-alcoholic options for the long term, go ‘dry’ with NORT – Australia’s lowest calorie non-alcoholic beer.

For the duration of July, Aussies are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to cut back on their alcohol intake, and with NORT, they know they can be supported in this sober-curious movement, as it allows them to still be active, enjoy life…but ultimately, feel their best while doing so!

NORT is excited to lend its support to your endeavours this month as they launch their exciting campaign Do More Enjoy More.

Aussies are encouraged to enter NORT’s competition for their instant win challenge, where for every day in July, they will be giving away a case of NORT to participants who share their goals, regardless of whether they are big or small or involve going dry or not.

By entering via the homepage on their website, NORT’s aim is to help Aussies DO MORE and ENJOY MORE through exploring non-alcoholic options, encouraging them to persevere and appreciate the little victories they achieve.

Founder of NORT, Jaz Wearin says, “Going dry this July should not be a difficult choice, whether you’re choosing to drink or not, it’s a time to utilise the month to reflect on doing good for yourself. As part of our Do More and Enjoy More campaign, we want people to challenge themselves to put their best self forward and seek out time to do the things they love most or want to prioritise.

“Personally, I am not giving up alcohol completely this month but what I am going to do is squeeze in an extra surf during my week for the month of July, but we encourage all people to find what’s important to them and create healthier habits and goals, that not only serve them well for July, but also for the future.”

Every beer in the NORT range is 99% sugar free and under 60 calories, making it the lowest calorie Australian-made non-alcoholic beer in the country. Created in Merewether, Newcastle, the brewery is proudly run on 100% Green Energy, is produced completely vegan, and is 100% Aussie owned and brewed.

NORT has four non-alcoholic vegan varietals, including the Refreshing Ale, Tropical XPA, All Day IPA and the world’s first Pacific Ale.The Nort range of Alcohol Free beers

NORT – Pacific Ale Bottle
If you love knocking back a few beers at the pub, why not try swapping it out for a non-alcoholic beer this July? Enjoy all the flavour & none of the fuzzies with this original non-alcoholic Pacific Ale. Basking in passionfruit and tropical aromas with a golden haze appearance, it has a light sessionable body and comes in at just 49 calories.
ABV: <0.5% (Non-Alcoholic)
RRP: $13.99 per six pack at Dan Murphy’s.

NORT – Tropical XPA Can Case
If you enjoy a beer that packs a punch in its flavours, Nort’s XPA offers you a refreshing flavour you can’t miss. Prepare for an XPA bursting with pineapple, mango and citrus aromas, a frosty haze upon pouring you won’t believe at just 56 calories. Putting more XPA into non alc beer!ABV: <0.5% (non-alcoholic)
RRP: $55 / case of 24 at NORT

NORT – Refreshing Ale
Nort Refreshing Ale is a thirst-quenching beer that you can swim, parent, exercise, work and drive after. A full crafted non-alcoholic beer, golden in colour with a fruity aroma and crisp, clean finish.
ABV: <0.5% (non-alcoholic)
RRP: $50 / case of 24 from NORT

NORT – All Day IPA Can
For those who enjoy a refreshing beverage after a footy match, try transitioning to non-alcoholic alternatives, NORT’s All Day IPA is a great substitute. With lashings of citrus and grapefruit and a considered malt profile allows this non-alc IPA to look, smell and taste like a 100% crafted, full flavoured IPA, but with only 60 calories.
ABV: <0.5% (non-alcoholic)
RRP: $55 / case of 24 from NORT

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