Exit Brewing enters into hospitality

Uitgang Bar opens in April

Exit Brewing has opened Uitgang Bar in Richmond, Melbourne, a new 72-capacity venue that will be focused on independent beer, wine and spirits.

Exit founders Frase Rettie and Grum Knight have been joined by friend David Pike in setting the new bar, which will have ten taps devoted to beer.

The lineup will include four of their own beers and one from their friends at Kaiju!, with whom they share the Dandy South Massive production brewery.

“When we first started Exit we definitely wanted to have a location where we could showcase our beers,” Rettie told Australian Brews News.

The bar taking shape in Richmond

“Our core range is quite wide across the taste profiles and unusual amongst breweries, so one of the ways for people to get the vibe of what we’re about is to have all our beers in the one place.

“Where the brewery is in Dandenong South, it’s a very industrial area. It doesn’t really lend itself naturally to a taproom at the brewery.

“I think if you’re not having your taproom at the brewery, then ideally you want to put it somewhere that’s easy for people to get to, from all over the place. Being on Bridge Road near Richmond, you’re only talking ten minutes from the CBD,” he said.

The Exit core range

The name of the bar comes from the Flemish word for Exit, a nod to the Belgian beers that inspired the duo’s brewing venture.

“We thought it was a nice fit and perhaps much cooler sounding than ‘Exit Bar’ would have been,” they said.

“We won’t have a kitchen to serve food but we will forge relationships with local quality Bridge Road food vendors to allow our customers to order food in to the bar. We have a great beer garden out the back which we will grow hops in.”

Located at 406 Bridge Road, Richmond, Uitgang Bar is slated to open early in April.

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