Fixation Brewing makes the move to cans

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Australia’s only brewery dedicated to IPA’s, Fixation Brewing, is moving their beers from bottles to cans.

Fixation IPA and Obsession Session IPA are transitioning to cans during mid 2019. While drinkers will notice this significant change on the outside, the beer inside remains the same dearly loved and highly awarded IPA’s they’ve come to expect from Fixation Brewing.

At Fixation Brewing, being obsessed with IPA’s also means being obsessed about freshness and quality. The advantages of well-packaged cans became too obvious to ignore, according to Tom Delmont, Fixation Brewing’s Managing Partner.

“Cans offer more advantages in terms of quality and convenience. For big hoppy beers we brew such as IPA’s, having them in a can instead of a glass bottle means those delicate hop flavours and aromas our drinkers enjoy won’t deteriorate as fast through oxidation, and we don’t have to worry about lightstrike.”

“Cans are lighter, so more efficient to transport and deliver and in turn easier for our customers to carry on the bike home! Cans also offer better recycling options than glass bottles and use a little less packaging. They also chill faster than bottles, which any beer drinker will appreciate!”

It isn’t just breweries leading the change. The 2018 Beer Cartel Australian Craft Beer Survey showed that Australian craft beer consumers preference for cans is almost at parity with bottles.

“It started with Squish for us, probably the first fruit IPA canned in Australia and our first very popular foray into cans. We are excited that Squish will now be available year-round, and our IPA and Obsession are starting to roll out now too. A growing number of good beer drinkers are seeking our beers in cans.” says Tom. “It is better for us, for them and, most importantly, our IPA’s”.

Fixation Brewing Co’s obsession with IPA’s means uncompromising quality. Since launching in late 2015, Fixation Brewing has been awarded the Consistency of Excellence Trophy at the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA), following three consecutive years of gold medal success with Fixation IPA.

They were also recognised as the 2017 ‘Champion Medium Brewery’ by the Independent Brewers Association and also have collected AIBA gold medals for Obsession, Squish, Easey Street, The 86 Hazy IPA and The FIX Double IPA.

The Fixation Incubator and Tasting Room is where they tinker away at their many IPA-obsessed ideas. Having tapped over 30 different brews since the venue opened in September, the Fixation team say there really is an IPA for everyone! The Incubator can be found at 414 Smith Street in Collingwood and is open five days a week.

Life is short. Drink fresh!

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