Freo.Social launches beer kitchen

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Freo beer

Uniting the art of food and beer, the Beer Kitchen concept is entirely designed around beer with a menu that showcases its versatility.

Each of the 22 dishes on the menu, which are designed to be shared, involve beer or brewing by-products (in some form) to enrich and bring new depths of flavour to the food.

Beer Kitchen head chef Garth Cleveland describes the new menu as ‘honest food, enhanced by beer.’

“Every dish on the menu, from the seafood, to the bread, dressings and sauces, includes beer, grains from the brewing process or brewing by-products such as wort. The experimental nature of the onsite brewery gives us so many different flavour profiles to work with and incorporate into some really cracking dishes.”

“For me there are two standout dishes. Our cured sardines with fermented tomato and spent grain rye toast and the bratwurst or ale sausage. Both are really good examples of what we are trying to do, simple food using technique, knowhow and beer to create something really tasty and different.I love them both.” Garth said.

Other highlights of the menu include charcoal half chicken ale brined for six hours in sour beer marinade then charred and served with roast beetroot, orange and local fennel salad; Lo-Fi Citrus Wheat Ale brined and chargrilled octopus; dry-aged slow cooked 500g pulled lamb braised in Otherside Ginger Ale; and the house-made sausage roll served with Harvest Red Ale tomato sauce.

Beer Kitchen embraces a tip-to-tail philosophy and is a true expression of Fremantle with largely locally sourced produce and ingredients.

“Our butcher – Marty Morgan – gets in beautiful cuts of meat and is educating us all in how we can use all parts of the animal.

“For example, from a side of pork we get home made bacon, we make our own hams, cure the loin for our B.L.Ts, we make stock from the bones and use in the pulled pork tacos and the rest we turn into sausage. Nothing gets wasted. And that’s the way we think it should be.” Garth added.

Beer Kitchen’s thoughtful food focus also includes transforming spent grain from the brewery into bread, consciously sourcing seasonal fruit and vegetables, utilising on-site herbs, and making its own hot sauce and butter.

Australia’s only Advanced Cicerone (or beer expert) Matt Marinich has led the Beer Kitchen concept and personally paired each dish with Otherside Brewing Co. beers.

“We’ve created a place where the community can come together and get the best out of beer – to sample a beer-inspired and infused menu alongside a unique range of craft beers and experimental brews.”

“Contrary to what people might think, beer is a great match for food because of its versatility and the complexity of its flavours. Ultimately, beer and food pairing is about trying something new and finding what suits your palate.” Matt said.

Beer Kitchen launched Friday 13th December. It will be open for lunch and dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday and for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday. Beer Kitchen is located at Freo.Social, Fremantle.

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