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Queensland brewers have joined those in Sydney and Melbourne in having Gladfield Malt’s entire range available locally.

Gladfield today opens its newwarehouse at Eagle Farm to supply the Queensland market with ourfresh craft malt.

Gladfield Malt is a craft maltings from New Zealand producing over 26 types of malts to the Australasian craft beer market. Gladfield Malt is the brain child of Doug and Gabi Michael. Doug is a 5th generation malting barley grower, born and bred in Dunsandel, New Zealand. Gabi is a vet/farmer from Brazil. We both share the same passion for farming. Our goal is to add value to our farm, to be the master of our own destiny and to produce the World’s Best Pure Malt.

Check our website for more information on how a farmer defied all odds and became the first craft maltster in Australasia.

We are proud producers of high quality malts, from grains produced on our own farm and from other Canterbury growers, to provide craft brewers unique flavours, and high efficiencies to keep them ahead of the market.

We produce a large variety of malts; Manuka Smoked, Toffee, American Ale, Lager Light and Shepherds Delight to name a few, which are great examples of what Gladfield Malt can offer. Our malts are fully modified and with homogenised grain-size malts ensuring high efficiencies for brewers.

We have our malts available from warehouses located in Melbourne and Sydney, and the support that we have had from Australian brewers is absolutely incredible and really valuable to us. We love to help clients brew better beers and help them have better efficiencies in the brew house. And now we are venturing even further in the Australian craft beer market by having our malts available from Brisbane, where we have noticed a huge craft beer movement in the last year alone.

We believe that we need to have our malts available where our clients are, supplying them with our entire range from warehouses located as locally as possible, therefore giving better freight rates, the ability to get malts delivered overnight, the availability of smaller quantities if necessary.

If you are thinking of brewing unique beers that will set you apart from the others, give the Gladfield Malt range a try, you will be surprised at the amount of flavour you can get and the higher efficiencies you can experience with malts that cater for your needs. That is the Gladfield Malt factor!

Please visit our website for more information on our malt range or contact Gabi on to open an account and benefit from malts stored locally. We deal direct.

Listen to Gabi discuss Gladfield Malt in Episode 61 of Radio Brews News.

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