Good Drinks provides Rider Lite update

Two bottles of Rider Lite beer by Good Drinks

Good Drinks launched new beer brand RIDER LITE into market from August 2023. RIDER LITE has been developed as a refreshing new take on Aussie Lager – with zero carbs, 78 cals, low bitterness and no preservatives.

RIDER LITE has strong momentum and the brand benefits are resonating strongly with consumers who are seeking beers with these attributes.

As you would be aware, RIDER LITE was also launched with packaging and marketing materials containing statements about being brewed with electrolytes. Although beer can contain electrolytes, it has come to our attention that making such statements may not be permitted under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

As such, we have decided to remove any references to RIDER LITE containing electrolytes on marketing materials and packaging. Accordingly, Good Drinks Australia will be reissuing POS material and have updated all digital assets to remove any reference to electrolytes. The proprietary RIDER LITE recipe remains fully compliant and the brew is unchanged.

We kindly request that you also please review any previous or current communication you have issued to date on RIDER LITE and ensure any references to electrolytes are removed. Other key benefits Zero carbs, 78 cals, low bitterness and no preservatives can still be referenced on current and future content.

We can confirm that current packaged product is able to be sold through, and new packaging has been developed and will flow through in store from early 2024.

Good Drinks Australia is a proud independent West Aussie brewery with an impeccable history of compliance to labelling, safety and quality of our products. We have never had any previous issues regarding compliance with the Food Standards Code. We maintain our commitment to responsible marketing of alcohol products and comply with ABAC Australia guidelines.

We thank you for your continued support of this innovative new beer. If you have any further questions, please revert to

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