Gravity plants to make seltzer sustainable

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Sustainable Seltzer Delight: Every Refreshing Sip of Gravity Seltzer Plants a Forest of Possibilities.

Gravity Seltzer, an emerging independent seltzer founded on the South Coast of NSW, has teamed up with AirSeed, an innovative environmental technology company, to support biodiverse restoration projects across NSW. Gravity Seltzer is launching an ambitious tree-planting initiative: with the aim of planting a minimum of 8,500 pods across Bredbo, Nimmitabel, and the Cattai Wetlands in New South Wales in the near term, every sip of Gravity Seltzer now tastes better than ever.

Why Planting Trees is Important:

Trees play a crucial role in sustaining our planet and combating climate change. Here are a few reasons why tree planting is so vital:

  • Carbon Sequestration: Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their trunks, branches, and leaves, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change.
  • Biodiversity Conservation: Forests serve as habitats for countless species, supporting biodiversity and promoting ecological balance.
  • Erosion Control and Watershed Protection: Tree roots stabilise soil, preventing erosion and ensuring healthy watersheds by filtering water and maintaining its quality.
  • Air Quality Improvement: Trees release oxygen and absorb pollutants, purifying the air we breathe and creating a healthier environment for all.
  • Community Benefits: Forests provide recreational spaces, improve mental well-being, and offer economic opportunities, including tourism and sustainable resource management.

By planting thousands of pods through the partnership with AirSeed, Gravity Seltzer are actively contributing to these vital environmental benefits and helping to build a more sustainable future.

“At Gravity Seltzer it’s in our DNA to explore more of the outdoors and we all believe that leaving the world a better place than we found it is vital for our future. So we are proud to join forces with AirSeed and launch this significant tree planting initiative,” said Mick Spencer, Gravity Seltzer Chairman.

“Every sip of Gravity Seltzer represents a commitment to reforestation and a tangible step towards a greener world. We believe that together, we can make a lasting positive impact on the environment and inspire other businesses to do the same.”

With AirSeed’s innovative drone tech tree-planting program, pods will be strategically planted in areas affected by deforestation or environmental damage. Additionally, the use of trackable technology will allow us to monitor the growth and impact of each pod as Gravity continues to grow as a company.

“I’ve lived my whole life in the outdoors, training and building a career since childhood. This initiative is the first of Gravity’s contributions to the environment and I am so proud to call myself a co-owner and ambassador of the brand. With a young daughter, I am even more conscious of what the world looks like for future generations.” Said Matt Poole, Professional Athlete and Gravity co-owner.

“We are really proud to be working with Gravity Seltzer. Their support for restoration projects across NSW will make a significant positive impact on local ecosystems and communities,” said AirSeed CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Walker.

Join us in celebrating this exciting partnership as we raise a can of Gravity Seltzer to toast the growth of our forests and the protection of our planet. Together, let’s sip, plant, and create a sustainable future.

About Gravity Seltzer Co.

Founded in December 2021, Gravity Seltzer is an Australian-founded and athlete-owned company dedicated to natural refreshment and sustainability. With a focus on exceptional beverages and inspiring consumers to explore more, Gravity Seltzer offers brewed seltzer products in unique fruit flavours. As an independent brand, Gravity Seltzer aims to become Australia’s largest seltzer brand, embodying a philosophy of natural goodness and adventure.

About AirSeed:

A fast-growing environmental restoration company, AirSeed has developed specialised tree-planting drones equipped with machine learning capabilities and proprietary seed pod biotechnology to rapidly replant large areas of land to accelerate global-scale reforestation. AirSeed drones can plant up to 40,000 seed pods a day, access remote, hazardous and inaccessible areas and GPS tag every pod planted. AirSeed’s mission is to plant 100 million trees a year by 2024 and restore lost biodiversity across Australia and the world

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