Importance of local, down to your bar snacks

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COVID-19 has taught the Australian brewing industry the importance of buying local and sustainable practices to the consumer, and brewers are extending this philosophy to everything from the ingredients in their beer to their bar snacks.

At Macadamias Australia we care about people and the environment. For more than 60 years, the Steinhardt family has been growing food in Bundaberg, Queensland. Now three generations on, we are proud of our family’s legacy to our community, farming and our customers.

We showcase our macadamia nuts in their natural state with raw whole nuts, dry roasted and nut pieces. We enhance the flavour with our roasted salted, honey roasted and unique lemon-myrtle coated nuts and we indulge with decadent milk and dark chocolate macadamias.

Due to the versatility of our range, we offer sizes from our convenient snack size of 75g, to 135g and 400g.

We also keep the ‘crack’ with our vanilla and dry roasted happy nuts, sold in their shell with a special key in a 225g size. And to lock in freshness and all-round convenience, all our products come freshly packed in metallised, resealable pouches, so you can enjoy them all at once or save some (if you can!) for later.

We strive to lead the industry when it comes to eco-management, sustainable farming, and efficient production. Burning macadamia nut shells to fuel the drying system that gives our nuts that extra special crunch is just one of many innovative examples.

By adding nut husks to our compost mix, we are cutting down on waste, retaining moisture in the soil and reducing weeds. As well as limiting our use of herbicides, our mulch enhances soil microbes and worm activity to promote superior root growth.

We introduce beneficial insects to naturally control pests, significantly reducing the use of chemical sprays, which can negatively impact good insects like bees.

Conservation and quality are our family’s legacy and a lot of passion, hard work, integrity and ingenuity go into creating each and every one of our tasty, nutritious nuts.

Packed full of flavour and endless health benefits, our nuts are consumed not only in Australia, but in China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, the Middle East, Germany, Switzerland and the US and are used by some of the world’s largest food manufacturers.

When you buy Macadamias Australia you’re helping to employ more than 70 people in the Bundaberg region. From our family to yours, we are sure your customers will enjoy our macadamias as much as we enjoy growing them.

Contact Tim Inkster in our Sales team on 0438779763 or to find out how we can get you stocking our macadamias in your taprooms today.


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