Innovative branding on tap

What’s the newest and most innovative way of marketing at the bar? Digital decals on tap are right in front of your potential consumer, at the point of purchase.

To achieve stable growth with keg sales, you need to be noticed, you need to be trusted and you need to be exciting. A great way to engage new customers and retain already loyal customers is to create topical content to keep your brand top of mind.

A digital tap decal is the newest way of doing just that, it is much more sustainable, as well as content creation is endless. With eye-catching HD animations on seamless loop, displaying your branding but also important product benefits, there is no better way to keep your branding clean but informative.

Walking up to a bar for a consumer can be overwhelming, ten beers on tap, a bar staff member staring, feeling rushed to make their order. When the consumer glances across a bar font, your product on tap has half a second to trigger something in their brain before they move on to the next one.

Sometimes it’s familiarity from a past experience but in the craze of craft beer that we are currently experiencing, there are so many unfamiliar beers to try but where to start? This is where you need to be eye-catching; with a LAB digital tap decal you can be front of mind for more than half a second. We recommend 15-second looping animations with branding always on display. You can create promotional content around this main artwork, add tasting notes or display seasonal information. Another benefit is being able to change content quickly, if ABV% needs updating, this is simple to do, for multiple venues without delivery.

Plug and play technology allows for content to be uploaded in just a few minutes so your brand can stay fresh and relevant. The LAB digital decal is a quick install, so removable for events but also just as great in a permanent position. Waterproof and durable, the digital decal is designed to withstand even the roughest of bars and with no extra ongoing work required by the venue.

So next time you need more tap decals, think about how a digital tap decal will save you money, excite new customers, keep loyal customers engaged as well as show your brand to be innovative and trusted. The LAB will stand up and stand out on tap, in all your venues, giving you that much-needed edge on your competition.

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