Kaiju and Exit to share brewery

Victoria’s Kaiju Beer and Exit Brewing will continue the recent trend of small breweries pooling their resources to open a production facility.

The companies are in the final stages of setting up the brewery in Dandenong South, Kaiju’s Callum Reeves told Australian Brews News.

“As brewers we want to make the best quality beer that we possibly can, but it’s expensive to build a brewery,” he said.

“We wanted to share some of the startup and ongoing costs. We couldn’t think of anyone we wanted to do that with more than Exit.”

The new Kaiju/Exit facility in Dandenong South

The new Kaiju/Exit facility in Dandenong South

Kaiju and Exit follow WA’s Feral and Nail – and more recently fellow Victorians Bad Shepherd and Wolf of the Willows – in sharing a brewery.

Reeves said he and brother Nat became good friends with Exit’s Fraser Rettie and Grum Knight as a result of both companies brewing at Cavalier, where they each own their own tanks.

The new cohabitation arrangement will be “hopefully happier than most marriages” joked Reeves.

“Southeast Brewing Company owns the brewery and licenses a certain proportion of its production capacity to Exit,” he said.

The brewery consists of a 25 hectolitre brewhouse and five 5000 litre tanks. Reeves said its location in an industrial estate does not lend itself to a cellar door.

“My feeling is that it’s just a bit too far off the beaten track – the nearest dwelling to us is three kilometres, as the crow flies. And the local demographic doesn’t seem to be a massive craft beer drinking crowd,” he said.

schopsh“But everyone in the estates might be interested in coming to try some stuff, so I reckon we’ll do some events.”

Pending some final bureaucratic hurdles, Reeves hopes the brewery will be operational sometime in the next few weeks.

To celebrate their union, Kaiju and Exit have brewed a collaboration beer called Schopsh!, a hoppy, smoky Scotch Ale that will be launched on Thursday August 27 at the Royston Hotel in Richmond.

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