KAIJU! Beer unveils 10th Birthday Bash brews

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Two founders of KAIJU! Beer celebrating the brewery's 10th birthday

KAIJU! Beer, the audacious Australian craft beer innovator, commemorates a decade of brewing innovation by inviting you to an extraordinary spectacle: The KAIJU! Mecha-Decadon 10th Birthday Bash. A journey that began with two brothers and their insatiable curiosity has mutated into a colossal adventure of bold, ferocious flavours, and unbridled brewing creativity.

Inverting Paradigms with Birthday Brew: For our grand 10th celebration, we didn’t merely want to create, we wanted to embrace ridiculousness. Two of our legendary beers have been dramatically transformed, inverting paradigms and offering a rip-snorting new experience to our KAIJU! Family.

Monster Mash-ing KAIJU! Krush: Our most popular beer, KAIJU! Krush has been Monster Mashed up to a staggering 10% ABV. This isn’t just a beer; it’s a bold return to our foundational philosophy of unyielding flavour experiences.

Crafting the Halftermath: Our inaugural brew, the revered Aftermath (initially dubbed Monster Mash Double IPA), has been thoughtfully reimagined into the Halftermath. By slicing the grain bill in two, we’ve crafted a more sessionable, responsible yet equally hop-intense incarnation of the original. These birthday brews are a reflection of a decade-long commitment to pushing boundaries and bravely exploring the unknown depths of brewing.

Celebrate a Decade of Monstrous Brewing with two Mecha-Decadon Birthday Parties:

  • Haftermath
  • KOLDSPLIF West Coast Pils

October 28, 2023:

KAIJU! Beer & Pizza, 27 Hume St Huntingdale, Time: 2 – 6pm

Carwyn Cellar, 877 High St Thornbury, Time: Midday – close

This isn’t merely a celebration, but a tribute to the legion of KAIJU! adventurers who’ve been integral to our monstrous journey. Reflecting on ten years, the brothers are in agreement.

Says Callum, “We’ve never been more excited about the business and beer in general. Tastes have changed. We are still working every day toward making the most exciting, full-throttle IPAs available, but we’re also loving more approachable styles. We even have a Cerveza Crisp Lager launching in the next few weeks. Our team is absolutely incredible. We taste with the team every day and discuss how we can ensure that our next batch is our best batch every time.”

“Plus, everyone on our sales, marketing, and admin team is truly committed to ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience of KAIJU! with every interaction. Business is stressful, sure, but this team makes work so invigorating every day. I honestly love the idea of continuing this journey for another ten years and beyond.”

About KAIJU! Beer:

Founded in 2011 by brothers Callum and Nat Reeves, KAIJU! Beer has swiftly risen to prominence in the Australian craft beer landscape. From its early days inspired by hoppy American beers to its current expansive offerings, KAIJU! Beer has consistently pushed the boundaries of brewing. With award-winning brews like Monster Mash Double IPA and the acclaimed KAIJU KRUSH! Tropical Pale, the brand has cemented its position as a craft beer leader. Operating out of Dandenong South since 2015 and with a brewpub opened in early 2022, KAIJU! Beer prides itself on a hands-on approach, ensuring every batch is better than the last. Celebrating a decade in the industry, KAIJU! Beer continues its commitment to innovation, quality, and the community it serves.

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