Lark Distillery announces Wolf Release V

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On paper, a marriage between whisky and beer shouldn’t work: it’s unfamiliar and unexpected. But as we know, in any marriage, it’s the shared values and deep connections that can bring two parties together to really shine. This courtship that has continued through the years has resulted in something special – Wolf Release V, a unique drop unlike any other whisky on the market.

They say the key to a good marriage is continued growth and evolution. Heading into the fifth year of this partnership, the defining characteristic of Wolf Release V is a beer forward single malt to create the most beer centric whisky this relationship has seen to date. Tasting wise, think soft pineapple lollies mixed with creamy milk chocolate and a hint of smoke – it’s a beast of a release for whisky and beer lovers alike.

Ultimately, what led to this marriage being a success was also continuous improvement. When Chris Thomson, Head Distiller at Lark received the first barrels of beer, the resulting whisky was anything but extraordinary. It wasn’t until the seventh blend that he knew he was on to something amazing.

“For me, this whisky really is a marriage between two incredibly different flavours, coming together to create something unique and surprising. Grounded in beer but inherently whisky, the feeling you’ll experience when tasting this release is insanely exhilarating and unexpected. Different from anything we’ve ever done before, it’s a whisky for the explorers, thrill-seekers and the curious.” Chris Thomson, Head Distiller said.

“Over the last five years we’ve continued to push the boundaries to create something special together and the latest drops prove to be no different,” Scott McKinnon, Director of Wolf of the Willows Brewery said.

“The Barrel Exchange Project, created by Wolf of the Willows and Lark Distillery, was born in 2017 due to our mutual love of the unique and individual characteristics that oak barrels can provide. The aim of the project was to bring distillers and brewers together, to share ideas, to share barrels and to try to create the ‘Ultimate Boilermaker’ that was greater than just beer and spirits aged in these barrels. The elements of contrast and compliment, the selection of the individual barrels, the whisky characteristics from these barrels and the malt profile of the beer, are all sculptured to have a unique symbiosis of sensory characteristics. As a consequence, both the 2022 Wolf of the Willows Imperial JSP (beer) and Lark Distilling Wolf Release V (whisky) are unique compared to anything else on the market,” McKinnon said.

Our partners, Wolf of the Willows, will be celebrating the newest release with events happening at their Melbourne brewery where they’ll be joined by special guest Josh Wilson, assistant blender at Lark Distilling Co. as well as various pubs across Victoria:

This marriage of whisky and beer is unlike anything else. It’s innovative and catches you by surprise. It does everything a whisky should do, but is also like no other whisky out there.

Make sure you join the waitlist to avoid missing out on this special release. WOLF Release V will launch 8th August, 9:30AM AEST. You can join the waitlist here. You can also grab a bottle from our Hobart venues, select Dan Murphy’s stores and other participating outlets.


NOSE: Subtle grassy hops are surrounded by toffee apple, baked pears and creamy hazelnut.

PALATE: Intense mocha with roasted malt, with dark chocolate and raspberry.

FINISH: Espresso ice cream will linger alongside a creaming soda.

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