Milestone for sour beers: Boatrocker

Miss Pinky Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Miss Pinky Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Boatrocker Brewing Co’s Miss Pinky has become the first nationally ranged, Australian-produced sour in Dan Murphy’s stores.

The incursion of a raspberry berliner weisse into a mainstream retail channel signifies the maturation of the Australian beer market, Boatrocker founder Matt Houghton told Australian Brews News.

He said a Dan Murphy’s buyer pursued the product after enjoying it in a bar and seeing its potential.

“We tend to describe it as the cider of beers. It’s really light, sessionable, approachable and it really reminds you more of a tart cider than a beer,” said Houghton.

“People can relate more to a beer with fruit in it, because they can at least connect in their brains the certain aromas and flavour profiles associated with the fruit.”

He said Boatrocker will have no problem fulfilling Dan Murphy’s volume requirements, even though Miss Pinky is a “laborious and time consuming” beer to produce.

“We’re confident we can meet the supply. it’s just a matter of us juggling the fact that we’re tying up the brewhouse for two days rather than one, that’s the main slowdown,” he said.

“It’s still an overnight period of souring when we add the bacteria. It can only work so fast.”

Miss Pinky is Boatrocker’s second beer available through Dan Murphy’s, with the beer now known as Pale Ale ranged throughout Victoria.

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