Moon Dog announces cocktail spritz range

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From the team that continue to surprise and delight Australians with their famously flavourful beers Moon Dog Brewing is entering the ready to drink cocktail market and launching Moon Dog Cooler in early 2022. Since launching Moon Dog back in 2010, the company has been known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to flavour and in releasing Moon Dog Cooler, they’re taking this to a whole new level.

Moon Dog Cooler is a new range of juicy cocktail spritzes that will be hitting shelves in January 2022 with all the health benefits of lighter beverages, like seltzer, whilst still offering a complex finish.

Inspired by retro cocktails and mixed by 3x Australian bartender of the year, Chris Hysted-Adams (former Black Pearl) these cocktails are destined to be a hit at the next get together, at the park or at home after a long day.

“It was really fun jumping back into the world of cocktail making and experimenting with different natural flavours and emulsions to create something that stands out against hand-rruxed spritzes. It’s been something that I’ve been drinking a lot of in recent months and I’m chuffed to now share it with consumers on a national scale”, says Hysted-Adams.

It’ll be $25 for a 4-pack of Moon Dog Cooler, they’ll be wrapped up into a 16-can carton, meaning that a slab will be $100 bucks.

Moon Dog Cooler will also be widely available in pubs, clubs, and bars through the world first Moon Dog Fizzer Alcoholic Seltzer Post Mix Machine and will be available to take home from the Moon Dog online store and all good bottle shops.

The range will kick off with two delicious cocktail spritzes that are bound to be fan favourites; Blood Orange, Finger Lime & Agave and Passion Fruit, Yellow Peach & Yuzu.

Blood Orange, Finger Lime & Agave is a spritzy twist on a margarita that’s bursting with zesty blood orange, fresh finger lime and a hint of agave. Passion Fruit, Yellow Peach & Yuzu is a spritzy twist on a tropical punch that is bursting with juicy passion fruit, fresh peach and zesty yuzu.

“The Blood Orange, Finger Lime & Agave Cocktail Spritz is the perfect spritzy Margarita for summer; it’s super light and refreshing but with bold, punchy flavours. The Passion Fruit, Yellow Peach & Yuzu Cocktail Spritz is a perfectly balanced uber tropical punch that offers a natural juicy finish without being too sweet”, says Hysted-Adams.

Moon Dog Cooler offers a delicious flavourful cocktail spritz that’s low carbs, low calories, low sugar, all natural, preservative free and vegan friendly. Like all Moon Dog products, Moon Dog Cooler is Australian made and owned.

“What we’ve been able to achieve with Moon Dog Cooler is great; they’re super flavourful, complex and delicious cocktail spritzes and with low carbs, natural flavours and no added sugar. We’re offering consumers something that’s never really been done before – Wallah!” says Hysted-Adams.

Moon Dog Cooler can be enjoyed straight out of the can or over some ice. If you’re feeling a little bit fancy we’d recommend dipping your wine glass in some salt for the Blood Orange, Finger Lime & Agave Cocktail Spritz, or garnish the Passion Fruit, Yellow Peach & Yuzu cocktail spritz with a passion fruit half.

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