Moon Dog's FIZZER now in 10 and 30 mixed can packs

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Moon Dog Brewing’s FIZZER alcoholic seltzers are proving to be a huge success after launching late last year with 4 flavours and having recently launched an additional 4, taking the total range to 8 flavours and now the team are about to launch mixed packs of 10 and 30.

“We’ve loaded the packs up with popular flavours Lemon Squeezey, Coco Mango, Raspberry Sorbet, Tropical Crush and Piney Limey so there’s something for everyone in there”, says Chris Hysted-Adams, FIZZER Flavourologist and 3-time Australian Bartender of the Year.

The 10 packs are due to hit the market in just a few short weeks with major retailers including Dan Murphy’s, BWS, LiquorLand & First Choice, ranging these mixed packs nationally into all their stores, and currently available in local, independent bottle-o’s and at Moon Dog Brewing’s online store.

“We are unbelievably excited to launch our new Fizzer mixed packs. We are forecasting that we will sell more FIZZER mixed packs than all of our other eight individual flavours combined. It is the next step in the FIZZER Seltzer journey and the mixed packs are a fantastic way for people to try new flavours!”

“We’re expecting these packs to be incredibly popular as in the USA half the sales that popular brand White Claw does is through mixed packs and in Australia there isn’t anything on the market just yet that’s offering such a wide range of flavours”, says Hysted-Adams.

The Seltzer category is still very new to the Australian market and local industry sales data shows no drop off whatsoever in the Seltzer category as it continues to grow here and internationally.

For background, in the USA $2.7 billion USD in sales were made for the 52-week period ending June 13 2020 and estimated to reach $4.3 billion for the calendar year 2020, up to 270% on 2019. (Source: Nielson)


Mixed pack: 10 cans – 2x Coco Mango, 2x Raspberry Sorbet, 2x Lemon Squeezy, 2x Tropical Crush, 2x Piney Limey Mega Mixed Pack: 3x 10 packs

RRP $30-$35 (10 pack)

RRP $80-$90 (30 packs)


FIZZER Mixed Packs will be available at Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Liquorland & First Choice (late June 2021) and are already in local independent bottle shops and available online now at Moon Dog Brewing’s online store.

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