Nail engages with 'biggest collab'

Nail Brewing Pale Ale

Western Australia-based Nail Brewing, have officially launched the Nail Test Brewing Series as it aims to increase engagement with its consumers.

The Nail Test brewing series is inspired by brewer John Stallwood’s journey in developing his award-winning Nail Pale Ale. He experimented with 40 different batches while he attended university at Ballarat.

The series has been in a soft-launch phase, having five batches released so far, and is in the process of releasing its first official batch – although consumers can vote for and review the original fiveas well.

Sales manager Brendan Grima said that the series will provide a new level of engagement with its consumers that the business can miss out on as a production brewery.

“It is really important to get more engagement, as we don’t have a brewpub to have that touch and feel of our products,” Grima said.

“We have created a platform where people can simply scan a QR code on the can and be directed to the official website to provide feedback.

“Keg stockists of the brews are sent decals that will have the QR code with the batch details on it as well.

“We are dubbing this Australia’s biggest collab because everyone will be able to scan the can and jump on the next phase of the website and be able to vote for their favourite batch.”

Every batch including the five already released will be listed on the official website. Grima said the public will be open to vote and send through feedback on each brews technical merit.

“All the information sent through goes straight to John and myself and gives us a rank and report on the popularity of the brews which will dictate where we lead Nail Brewing Test.”

Grima explained that every batch will be unique and aims to explore different hop and malt bills and beer styles.

“John has three to four different malt bills bedded down and we have got a number of hops from all around the world,” he said.

“It is all about hop discovery and taking everyone on that journey to discover different characters and flavours through out hops and share that message.”

Grima said that ten to twelve batches will be released over the next year and when the final four are confirmed there will be a battle of the Nail Brewing Tests.

“It is pretty exciting for Nail as we have never released a real roll out to this standard.”

The winning beer will be announced on Nail’s 20th birthday which falls on the 23rd of March 2021, and will go directly into Nail’s core range.

Each batch will be distributed to stockists in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth and while Brisbane is not on the list, Grima says it is high on their agenda.

The future of the Nail Brewing Test series will be discussed after the birthday celebrations next year, Grima explained.

Find out more and send in your reviews on mobile at the NBT Series page.

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