Nail releases Summer's Best Ale

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.27.25 amNail Brewing has released Summer’s Best Alewhich founder John Stallwood describes as a”refreshing,easy drinking summer craft beer”.

The previous batch of Summer’s Best was limited to Western Australia, but this time around there are 200 kegs,half of which have made it to the eastern states.

The new iteration has been tweaked with a slightly sweeter malt profile and different dry hops in El Dorado, Galaxy and Ella.

The releasefollowsNail’s recent brandingoverhaultobring the full bottled range in line with the packagingsuccessfully trialled on Nail Red.

“Nearly 60 per cent of our bottled sales are Nail Red at the moment, it’s really booming,” Stallwood told Australian Brews News.

“That’s part of the reason we’re changing the branding is that Nail’s four-packs and the different look are selling a lot better.”

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