New brewpub for Sydney’s north

Canoe-Barbers-Brew1Renowned hairdresser John Brennan and son-in-law Ryan Dixon are set to open Stonehouse Brew Cafe in Maroota in Sydney’s northern outskirts.

Brennan is founder of John Brennan Hair Salons, which at one stage had more than 50 franchised outlets.

He and Dixon recently acquired and rebranded the former Stonehouse Cafe building and have been trading as a pizza restaurant and cafe while they set up a small brewery on-site.

The facility will produce their own range of beers under the Canoelands Brewerylabel, including the Barber’s Brew Porter and the Ranga’s Revenge Australian Ale.

“I would say April is when we’re going to be firing. We’re probably going to be running about six taps and initially we’re only going to be selling our beer out of the Stonehouse,” he said.

Brennan said Maroota, between Winsor and Wiseman’s Ferry, is on a popular tourist route for motorcycle and classic car clubs.

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