New heirloom apple cider release by Willie Smith's

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DOUBLE HEADER: Rare heirloom apples the star of new limited releases from Willie Smith’s

Continuing on their journey to broaden the palates of Australia’s craft drinks lovers, Willie Smith’s today release two new small batch, heirloom apple ciders: Willie Smith’s Yarlington Mill and Willie Smith’s French Blend.

The Huon Valley based cider makers aim to make Australian drinkers aware of the unique flavours and characteristics of cider apples.

“Just as table grapes vastly differ to those grown for wine, traditional cider apples bring a level of complexity, structure and depth of character to cider,” said Tim Jones, Head Cider Maker at Willie Smith’s.

The Willie Smith’s 2018 Yarlington Mill showcases the apple of the same name – one of the great bittersweet cider apples of England.

Paying homage to the traditional French master cider makers in Brittany and Normandy, the Willie Smith’s 2018 French Blend is a blend of 15 cider apple varietals, made in the style of those regions.

“Our focus has always been to show just how seriously good cider can be, we think it’s as good or better than any other alcohol category when you use the right apples – and this is why we are investing in orchards of these varieties” said Sam Reid, Co-Founder and Managing Director.

“We launched this series of wine-style ciders, in 2015 and have been overwhelmed with praise from professional judges, our customers and drinkers alike. We’re delighted to see these ciders popping up on more and more on wine lists of some of the most awarded restaurants around the country,” continued Mr Reid.

Available at the Willie Smith’s Apple Shed in Grove, Tasmania from Thursday 18 October and all good independent retailers from Monday 22 October onwards.

Tasting Notes

2018 YARLINGTON MILL | 750ml | 7.0% ABV | RRP $30
The Yarlington Mill showcases the long mouth coating tannin structure of this classic British Variety. Medium dry, aromatic and creamy, it will spark interest in consumers who are into more complex intriguing drinks.

2018 FRENCH BLEND | 750ml | 6.3% ABV | RRP $30
The French Blend is the next step in the evolution of our French style multi-varietal blends. This year’s release is a combination of 15 traditional cider apples with a medium sweet fruit driven palate and firm, tannin structure. Once again, it exhibits a deep stone fruit aromatic that characterizes our French style blends.

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