Prancing Pony launches conservation beer

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Making beer is our core business but equally, the Pony feels a connection and responsibility to our community and the things that matter within that community.

The Monarto Safari Park is part of our community, and it is the largest outside Africa wildlife Safari Park. There are lots of exotic animals at the park, but there is also a heard of Przewalski Horses or P-horses for short? Please let us introduce it to you.

The Przewalski horse

The Przewalski horse is the world’s last remaining pure wild horse. Smaller than domestic horses, they have stocky bodies, a thick upright mane and they are rarely tame. Originally native to thesteppes ofCentral Asia, this species is just a trot away from extinction.

At the Monarto Safari Park, a group of pure P-horses are vital for the conservation of the species. The Monarto Safari Park participated in a program to conserve and re-introduce them into the wild to theirnative habitat in Mongolia at the Takhi Tal Nature Reserve.

At the Pony we love horses, even more, we love the not so tame ones, the strong ones, those that make a difference, and those that have character and fight for survival. The Pony is proud to be a part of these conservation efforts.

The Rarely tame Lager – A Pony for a Pony

So, to help the Monarto Safari Park, we have made a limited release Lager aptly named ‘Rarely tame Lager’. From every carton of Rarely tame Pony Lager, we will donate $ 10per carton to the Monarto Safari Park to assist in keeping the Przewalski’s horses a trot ahead of extinction. With every can of Rarely tameLager that you buy, you become part of this project.

The Lager is a 4.8% ABV, German style Lager. Based on a Champion trophy winning recipe, this Lager is refreshing, easy drinking and a very approachable beer using Australian grains and German noble hops, only.

The online price is $ 77 per carton and for Fathersday, we will also have them available as Gift packs of 6/packs for $ 25/pack directly from the Prancing Pony Brewery 42 Mount Barker Rd. Totness 5250.

To all the animal lovers, horse lovers and those that appreciate that drinking a Pony beer is more than drinking just a beer, we would love it if you join the campaign and your support in conserving the P-horse.

The P-horse Launch Event

The P-horse beer will be officially launched at the Prancing Pony Brewery with a Safari inspired event. To book for the event, please visit book online or call the brewery on 8398 3881.

This will be a family friendly event, with face-painting for children and the young at heart. Feel free to dress in your best Zoo-keepers outfit and book early to avoid disappointment.

To find out more about the P-horse or the Monarto Safari Park, please scan this QR code:


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