Radio Brews News 8 July 2017

This week in Radio Brews News, Matt and Pete discuss all the beer news for the week ending 8 July.

We discuss:

  • Independence Day – the launch by the Independent Brewers Association of their Independent Brewing Industry National Economic Evaluation. Matt and James Atkinson also caught up with IBA Executive Officer, Chris McNamara.
  • We discuss this quote from 4 Pines’ Jaron Mitchell:
    “I think it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve seen. There’s no industry on the planet that has benefited from artificial relief from a government. Essentially, it creates a vacuum for inefficient people who are wasting resources to get a $350,000 rebate. If you can’t run a brewing business based on fundamental economics, you shouldn’t be running a brewing business.”
  • The Great Northern Hotel / Holgate kerfuffle.
  • Should bottleshops limit the sale of single beers, and force drinkers to buy four packs?
  • Drinkers get fresh with US brewers: American craft brewers have copped another hiding for their perceived lack of commitment to ensuring their beers reach Australian drinkers in the same optimal condition they demand at home.
  • Including a reference to our past interview with Greg Koch from Stone.
  • ABI’s The High End craft division responds to the Brewers’ Association’s Independence Seal.

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