Radio Brews News - Episode 115 - Michael Bannenberg

This week we have a beer with ad man Michael Bannenberg.

Michael Bannenberg (l) with Andrew Bailey, his collaborator on the book, The Brewery.

Banners, as he is better known,  joined the then George Patterson advertising agency in 1980 and worked on many of the classic beer advertisements of the last three decades. He is also an active member of the Victorian Beer Label Collectors Society, collector of brewery artwork and imagery and amateur brewery historian with a wealth of knowledge about the history of Australian breweries.

Banners is also co-author of the excellent book, The Brewery, a tribute  to Melbourne’s Carlton Brewery between 1858 to 1907, and author of Grab a Coldie, a celebration of the beer culture of the 1980s.

During the discussion, Banners referred to the origins of the iconic VB Big Cold Beer campaign. You can read more about that here in the reminiscences of Geoff Seebeck, Creative Director, George Patterson Advertising who created the campaign.

Mike also discusses this cinema ad for Crown Lager dating back to the premium beer’s heyday in 1996, which was one of his favourite.

This episode was recorded in the beer garden at The Palace Hotel in Melbourne.

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